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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed at work, and like you’re earning less than you could be – you have something in common with our clients. AVA Virtual Assistance is all about helping you realize that feeling of freedom so you can focus on the work you’re uniquely qualified to do. AVA provides an administration solution that bridges the “DIY-Employee Gap”, so you can get back to your career.

Virtual Assistance (VA) is the simple solution for business professionals who need skilled administrative assistants and managers on their team. We VAs work independently on your office administration tasks, remotely, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Put some power behind your business, with a VA firm that’s Specializing in Solutions!

To be a stellar VA and administrative hero, you’ve got to be willing to “face the truth!” Whether you’re an aspiring VA or a long-timer, you’ll appreciate this book full of quips & tips about being a Virtual Assistant. Just published by our founder, S. Audrey Isbell; get your copy today

Virtual Assistant Book“100 Simple Truths captures the realities of being a Virtual Assistant …a few sentences at a time.

Working as a Virtual Assistant (VA) has many challenges. If you’ve ever tried to explain the ins and outs of your day-to-day experience as a VA, you know that only another VA could possibly understand what your efforts have been like. This book has a little something for everyone. There is even space inside to write your own Simple Truths as you discover them in your VA journey.

Full of short, fun, relatable quips and tips, 100 Simple Truths is a great desktop tool you can use to remind yourself that you are not alone when it comes to the trials of running a successful VA practice.”