Are you in business quicksand?

If you've ever felt overwhelmed at work by not getting everything done, and like you're earning less than you could be - you have something in common with our clients. They felt like that once too! AVA Virtual Assistance is all about helping you realize that feeling of freedom so you can focus on the work you're uniquely qualified to do. AVA provides an administration solution that bridges the "DIY-Employee Gap", so you can get back to your career.

Virtual Assistance (VA) is a simple solution for business professionals who need skilled administrative assistants and managers on their team. We VAs work independently on your office administration tasks, remotely, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Put some power behind your business, with a VA firm that's Specializing in Solutions!


Schedule a free consult or give us a call using the links below. We don't bite and we would never sell you anything you don't need! So, what are you waiting for?