About Us

In 2011, Audrey Isbell took a calculated risk and ended her employment to be closer to home. She knew she could either use her skill set to get another job — or she could start her own business with the experience and talents she had.

The result was a “secretarial service” in the small but quickly growing industry of Virtual Assistance. As the business flourished, Audrey acquired subcontractors and began to build a team to assist with the workload. By the end of the third year of business, the VA practice moved out of the house, and a year later it was re-branded as AVA Virtual Assistance.

In determining the company’s vision, we battled with the trending expectation that businesses need to “specialize,” serving only one type of client or doing only one type of task. We knew that would be limiting what we could offer our clients, who may have a need out of the “specialty” niche. In the end we decided to specialize after all . . . in solutions!

AVA Virtual Assistance has since been a creative solution for a variety of businesses who need a VA for a diverse range of tasks. Besides, Audrey says, “Specializing in Solutions is much more fun!”

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Unparalleled Dedication

Audrey Isbell and her team are highly skilled and provide an excellent standard of care. Their dedication to a job well done is unparalleled.

Laura Kassama
Virtual Squirrel Business Support Services

They allow me to do what I’m really good at

Audrey and her team have helped me really grow my business! They can handle all sorts of important tasks – from web maintenance to book design to social media posts. What a life-saver! They do all the things that allow me to do what I’m really good at!

Helen McConnell

You can count on AVA

Audrey is fantastic! You can count on AVA to assist you in ways you didn’t even know you needed help with. Absolutely recommend!

John Eliot
Farmer's Insurance

A huge asset

Stop pulling out your hair and let Audrey help your business get back in order order and stay there. Check out her website and just look at everything she does, it’s amazing. She is a huge asset to helping your business thrive!

Joshua Fairhurst
Moving Mountains

Now I can breathe

Audrey and staff Rock it. All of those tasks that you know should get done but never do… That’s what they do. And do it well. Thanks you guys! Now I can breath.

Terall Blalock
Papa Terall's BBQ & Catering

We cannot say enough about them

We can not say enough about Audrey and the AVA team. They are certainly doing a great job handling our tasks and requests. Cant wait to dig into some of our larger goals with them.

Jay Kimelman
The Digital CPA

AVA is a rock star team

AVA is a rock star team of über responsive professionals. I have been working with them for my bookkeeping needs for just a few months now and I am excited to finally have the freedom in knowing that side of my business is handled.

Troy Flowers
DesignScience.me, LLC

Solid, honest, affordable and knowledgeable

Solid, honest, affordable and knowledgeable administrative assistant help. I recommend them regularly. Get to know Audrey and her team and will too!

Ryan Mallory
Oregon Marketing Pros, LLC

Very personable and professional

Love AVA. Very personable and professional. I don’t know what I would do without their help. I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with social media results, administrative tasks and anything else related to back office work that is hard to get done because you are too busy doing business!

Jeri Foutz
Just Jeri Photography

Their insight is keen to client needs

AVA Virtual Assistance rocks our world! They are highly professional, attentive to every little detail, and their insight is keen to client needs. We are tickled with our TABulated Consulting webpage, and our continued involvement with AVA!

Tracy Baird
TABulated Consulting

The best at what they do

Audrey and her team at AVA are the best at what they do. Prompt, professional excellence at its best. Thanks AVA for always being there when I need you!

Hope Frederick
Eureka Payments

The best person to get the job done

Audrey at AVA is the best person to get the job done! Thank you Audrey for always being willing to help me with the smallest questions. I appreciate you on my side.

Crystal Ruiz
Kelly's Automotive Service

Goes above and beyond

She will not like for saying this BUT anyone who will stay up late to meet a deadline I set is going above and beyond. Big Atta Boy!!!!!!

Al Hoffman
College Funding Service Center

AVA Virtual Assistance has been a life saver for me

Like all business owners, there are lots of things that I prefer not to do myself, both because I don’t enjoy doing them and because I am not good that them. Audrey and AVA Virtual Assistance have been a life saver for me. I’m SO very grateful for Audrey and her team getting those things DONE!

Anne Herrick

Audrey and the team are great

Audrey and the team are great. They have knocked down a handful of problems for my company and many many of our clients.

Travis Causey
Moving Mountains

AVA makes me look good

I’ve had Audrey and her team work on several projects for my business, Apland’s Auto Body. AVA is creative and efficient. Sometimes you have a problem you don’t know how to solve. AVA is able to come up with solid solutions. They will save you time and money. You can be confident that your task will be done efficiently and above your expectation. AVA makes me look good.

Jodie Apland
Apland's Auto Body