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Audrey Isbell Interviewed by Robert Plank on “Marketer of the Day” Podcast

Our founder and owner, Audrey Isbell, was the guest on Robert Plank’s podcast “Marketer of the Day” on May 29, 2018. Listen to the episode below!

Get More Momentum, Increase Your Revenue, and Grow Your Business Through Delegating with Audrey Isbell.

Audrey Isbell from AVA Virtual Assistance is an International Speaker and the Author of “100 Simple Truths all Virtual Assistants Should Know”. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified in Social Marketing and valued for her business consulting and project management contributions made to business owners and entrepreneurs across the country.

In today’s episode, Audrey talks about why your business needs to scale using a virtual assistant. She also goes into detail about the types of virtual assistants you should look into (generalists vs. specialists) as well as how you can make money becoming a virtual assistant if that business path suits you.

Listen to the episode here:

Visit “Marketer of the Day” Podcast here.

The Perfect Music for Working

When it comes to either working in silence or with music, everyone is different. For specific tasks that require high concentration, music can be a hindrance rather than a help… but we’ve found that most of the time, music boosts our productivity and helps us be more creative!

Here at the AVA office, we’ve been rocking out (er, I mean working) to the Jazz Groove. This is a fantastic, FREE online station with two different channels (in case you’re not a fan of a song, you can switch to the other channel) of jazz music. But it’s not just any jazz music, it’s the perfect music for working. The Jazz Groove mainly consists of non-intrusive tunes that lift your mood but aren’t distracting. About 90% of the songs are purely instrumental, but there is song with a vocalist occasionally—which we don’t mind at all (especially if it’s Ella)!

If any of you out there are like us, you know the difference between real jazz and elevator jazz. The Jazz Groove is 100% real jazz! Give it a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

In case you’re wondering, we weren’t “sponsored” to promote them or anything… we just couldn’t help sharing! We sincerely just love that the folks who run this site are providing quality, delightful jazz music without ads. Oh yes, I didn’t mention that… there are no ads! This is also a huge perk, because an annoying Pandora ad can totally throw you off your focus.

So what if you don’t like jazz? Well… then we can’t be friends. Just kidding! (kind of 😉) Actually, we truly hope that you find a station that plays the music that you work best with, whatever floats your boat! The most important thing is that whatever music you listen to reduces your stress, boosts your mood, and gets you humming your way through your work day!


Take the Train down Memory Lane

As some of you may know, AVA Virtual Assistance was originally called A-Train Secretarial Services (a nod to the jazz standard Take the “A” Train). In honor of that, we’ve decided to post this amazing video we found. It’s a live stream of a train traveling somewhere in the world over a winter wonderland–but you’ve got the view of the very front of the train!


Do you like trains and forward momentum? Us too! We’d love to know how you keep up the momentum in your business. Send us a comment in the section below.