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Speaker and Author of "100 Simple Truths All Virtual Assistants Should Know"

AVA Virtual Assistance named one of the “BEST ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPANIES IN AMERICA” by ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE’S Entrepreneur 360™ List

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Audrey Isbell

Speaker and Author of "100 Simple Truths All Virtual Assistants Should Know"
Audrey Isbell
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We did it!!! I keep thinking that I’m going to wake up and it will have all been just a fabulous dream. But no, it’s for realsies and it’s SO exciting! To be called one of the: “BEST ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPANIES IN AMERICA” by Entrepreneur magazine is such an amazing privilege.

This is the smile that’s been plastered on my face lately!

THANK YOU, to all of you who have ever believed in our service. You’ve helped to make this possible.

You may have seen a prior post, describing how scary-BIG this was for us, to even consider going after a place on The Entrepreneur 360™ List.

The Entrepreneur 360™ Ranking delivers the most comprehensive analysis of private companies in America. This study forged by Entrepreneur, has been designed to provide a multidimensional view of entrepreneurship today, recognizing well-rounded, privately-held companies based on their impact, innovation, growth, leadership and value.

We ranked #269 on the list.

“Every entrepreneur knows that a healthy business isn’t just about growth. It’s about being well-rounded—growing your culture and your systems as strongly as you grow your revenue,” says Jason Feifer, editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. “That’s why we’re excited to celebrate these companies with our fifth annual Entrepreneur360 List. The companies that make the list have pushed boundaries with their innovative ideas, fostered strong company cultures, impacted their communities for the better, strengthened their brand, and grown impressively as a result.”

As with everything in life, there’s always room to grow, improve the ranking, our services, our impact in our community, our operations, etc. etc. …AND even the way we celebrate successes along the way – right!?! ‘Cause, in the words of Ferris Bueller…

“Life moves pretty fast.

If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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See Brilliance, Be Brilliant!

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Audrey Isbell

Speaker and Author of "100 Simple Truths All Virtual Assistants Should Know"
Audrey Isbell
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That’s like one of those inspirational quotes that you look for, “See Brilliance, Be Brilliant” but it’s true.

A few years ago I wrote an article about the many works of art currently displayed in my office at AVA Virtual Assistance. Still so proud to be displaying them! Each one was created with so much love and thought. And now there’s even more. I find that I’m a better person when I surround myself with the workings of other brilliant minds. I’m continually inspired by them and still feel as I did years ago – that my own creativity is elevated by them.

The most recent work to grace my walls is a piece done by Hannah Batty, VA and brilliant mind. She continues to amaze me and inspire my life. Here is a photo of her work, which YOU KNOW doesn’t do it justice.

I took it off the wall and still couldn’t avoid photographing the glare shining from the glass. I’ll try to update the photo someday with a scan for you, and if you’re local to Grants Pass… you might stop in and see what I mean…

There’s so much detail! It’s beautiful. (This took her MONTHS by the way.)

These cute little characters are her “babies”, Hopi and Navajo (from left to right). That’s one incredibly annoying chihuahua who thinks he’s the big dog on campus and a chi-weener!?! What the hell is that!?! …think, if Yoda were a dog what you would get. LOL! She’s VERY sweet. Anyway…

Every day I feel as though these adorable little furballs are cheering me on. The piece reminds me to breathe, laugh, approach the workday as if you were a dog waiting for your master to get home. It speaks to a saying that my close girlfriends and I have…

“I get to go to work”

It’s about feeling gratitude for the life we have, the work we do, the people we help and the people who help by supporting us. Funny how you get all that from a couple of chihuahuas.

Seriously though, a sliver of Hannah’s brilliance reminds us to go ahead and hang our own brilliance on the proverbial “wall”, for others to enjoy also. Here’s how you do it (inspirational quotes style…but ya gotta say ’em with fake accents):

  • Go with your gut, ya swanky bastard.
  • Trust yourself, pilgrim.
  • Enjoy your own creativity, mk?!
  • Duuuuuuuuuude! Speak up if you have an idea.
  • Sing out loud, lil’ diva.
  • Try something new, ah-ight!
  • “Choose Happy” (or just sing the Happy song by Pharrell Williams)

So, what does your office look like, I wonder? Is it covered with inspirational quotes? What might you have on your walls, bookshelves (even digital ones), window sill?

You don’t have to be good at something to be great. Just let the brilliance in and see what happens. When you surround yourself with who and what you admire, you’ll internalize the goodness without even trying.

Looking for a little more freedom to do your hobbies? Connect with our Virtual Assistant team by Booking a free consultation. Oooh! That’s brilliant too. 🙂 Or just send us an inspirational quote… those are fun too. 😉

“Submit” – A button that can make you “poop your pants”?

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Audrey Isbell

Speaker and Author of "100 Simple Truths All Virtual Assistants Should Know"
Audrey Isbell
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I never thought I could be so intimidated by a submit button, but there I was, cursor poised.

Do I click the button? …DON’T CLICK THE BUTTON…Other people might see the answers to those very personal questions. You should totally click the button. You know you want to. What if people judge me…or the business I’ve created. …I don’t know what to do!!! Click the button. No! Don’t! …ah, come ON!!!

It’s like a tiny Ren and Stimpy were in my brain arguing over clicking the button. LOL!

The fuss was all about Entrepreneur®, a brand that most everyone in business knows about. People study their material, hashtag them, and reference their wisdom ALL THE TIME!!! They’re what I perceive as a GIANT in business. So when I sat down to apply for their 2019 Entrepreneur 360™ list… you can bet your sweet-Stimpy-cheeks I was sweating buckets of anxiety.

It’s funny how opportunity and anxiety go together.

But, having recently attended a Make Your Mark – Business Mastery event with Colin Sprake, who emphatically said:

“If you’re not pooping your pants, you’re not dreaming big enough…”

… I was really on that fence. For a small business like ours, THIS (clicking submit) would be freaking HUGE!!! To make the Entrepreneur 360™ list, your business is evaluated on impact, innovation, growth, leadership and business valuation. They do this with the goal of identifying 360 small businesses that are “mastering the art and science of growing a business.”

I realized it was a poop your pants moment! So I took a deep breath and clicked submit. No, the anxiety has not gone away. Seriously… the questionnaire feels kinda personal, and it would to any small business owner. They want to know things that would give any good business owner pause prior to sharing. AND THEN…they ask for permission to share some of the details, publicly. YIKES! …YEP! I’m virtually poopin’ my pants. (Thanks for that analogy, Colin 😉 )

Anyway… I’m still freakin’ out a bit, but to use an old cliché…

Go BIG or go home!

And if you literally pooped your pants – yeah… you can tell ’em I said you were okay to just go home, mmmmk?! LOL!

BTW, the Make Your Mark family and curriculum is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend attending one of their events. It’s changed my life and the lives of others too (you don’t have to take just my word for it):

P.S. I’ll keep you posted on the Entrepreneur 360™ stuff. My understanding is that they have been doing this since 2015, and that other companies in the administrative industry have made the list in previous years – so fingers crossed! Wish us luck.