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Regenerate your Creative Side

Spring Clean your Time-Blocks

We get it, hard work eventually pays off. That means dedication, long strenuous hours, little sleep and limited time with loved ones. If this sounds like you, then you’re acutely aware there are only so many hours in a day—and maybe those days begin to feel like one long day that just keeps going. It could be you’re getting a lot done too…generally that’s the idea, right? But, if visionaries don’t give themselves time to regenerate (and we don’t just mean sleep here), then a sort of uneasiness begins to emerge from the tasks they so love and adore. When that happens, it’s time to “change it up.” Yeah, it seems too good to be true, but in this case (‘woo-hoo’) it isn’t! It’s easy to miss the obvious answers to the work-life-balance, simply because we get lost in the ideology of the “no pain, no gain” rule. But, it’s really just a guideline…that does tend to get a bit hazy from time to time. So…

Here are some tips for a more enriching and productive work experience

  • Schedule in fun time…during the week. This might sound counterproductive, but planning a long lunch at the park intermittently (1-2 hours) with friends or co-workers does wonders for task management decisions.
  • Set up a reward system for tasks that feel a bit daunting. Hey, there’s no guilt in bribing yourself, right? Just make sure the rewards are unique and worth it, like ordering an extravagant dessert to go, going to a spa, or maybe going to some live entertainment.
  • Re-do your office or re-do your hair and wardrobe. Maybe it sounds cliche to you, BUT these things actually work—because we do better when we are at our best!
  • Consider totally changing your working hours. Try it for a week or two—for instance, some people just tend to have more creativity in the evenings.
  • Pay the extra money to bring in a project management expert who can genuinely give you sound, helpful and constructive work advice.
  • Ride your bike to work in a week of beautiful weather and sleep better at night. Feel good about saving all that dough, and enjoy the benefits of increased relaxation and clear-mindedness before work.
  • Take a mini vacation, and set up at a beautiful lodge or affordable hotel for a few days. Make sure there’s a good view of all the scenery that surrounds you. When break time comes, you’ll have a 360 degree stroll space to choose from.
  • Do you like animals? Bring in a new mood to the office with a bit of feline fun. Or, rescue an old dog who would be grateful for some added company. (Just remember that there’s a lot of responsibility with pets too.)
  • Do you play an instrument? Bring it to work with you. Music moves the soul, and inspires imagination. You can always walk to a nearby park for a bit of added nature therapy too.
  • Set up a specific playing list for working hours; you’d be surprised at the motivation you’ll feel when your favorite songs are playing in the background.

~Ultimately, staying on schedule is a good thing, but as the saying goes, “it’s a double edged sword.” We have to remember that with solid schedules, there’s always a level of stagnation that comes into play. A little tweaking now and then should be enough to keep the wheels a-turning.

The latest on CRM

Disclosure Statement: Caution to entrepreneurs and serious business owners! Continued reading of said blog post below may result in the following: Easier ways to reach clients, acquiring more clients… possibly getting too many clients, minimized work loads, heightened business popularity, stellar client referrals, over-relaxation, more time in the sun, longer vacation hours, an increase in feelings of euphoria, an inability to frown at will, over enthusiasm at work, and an all around good attitude toward life in general. Additional symptoms of joy and bliss not stated above may also occur. Continue reading at your own risk…err, fortuity.   

What Businesses Are Doing Now

Welcome. If you’ve read past my fun-loving disclosure statement, you’re ready to hear about some seriously cool, amazing, and out-of-this-world, AWESOME tools that Hubspot has to offer businesses…many for free! Fasten your seat-belts, cinch up your chin strap, this is gonna be good…(huh…) I’m such a nerd…Anyway, I wanted to share with you all, this really extensive CRM platform, cleverly being used by wise entrepreneurs everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to streamline customer relations, build more brand awareness, integrate sales directly to your website, keep better track of tasks, automate client scheduling, AND check in on things from your phone and more, try Hubspot for your Customer Relationship Management tool.

Get Your Leads, Naturally

With Hubspot, forced emails and long strenuous letters from businesses are going by the wayside. Now you’ll have user friendly email platforms and smart mapping tools that organically interact with website users as they surf and check out your products and services. With this type of lead generation, you can offer clients free informational bits and simple surveys in exchange for signing up to your email list.

Hubspot Academy

Want to learn more about inbound sales, content marketing, contextual marketing, email marketing and growth driven design? This CRM tool offers numerous courses and certificates, for free. The videos and information they have is endless.  With a 75% or higher score (usually), you get a chance to acquire at least 12 different, well-regarded certificates and a ton of helpful knowledge.

 Social Media Management

Got a lot of social media networks? No problem, send posts from popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more. This all can be accomplished in the same place you build your campaigns too. Pretty cool, huh! Schedule your content for later, monitor streams for mentions, then, analyze how your media posts are doing with social media analytics.

 Stock Photos

If you’re looking for quality free photo stock, head over to there you’ll get good quality pics to add to your social media, blog, and website. Categories are easy to navigate and photos are constantly being brought in.

~ Happy Marketing.




Tips for Onboarding Clients

Promising Beginnings

Now that both you and your new client have determined that working together is a good fit, the time for task building and forward thinking begins! The first question you’ll ask yourself will be, “Which project takes precedence?” Rather, that should be a question for both you and your new client. Most likely, you’ve determined top priorities through the interview process, but you probably haven’t hashed out the details of the A’s list just yet. This can really take a bit of thought, depending on the industry your client’s in.

Onboarding…or Walking the Plank?

Bringing in a new client can often feel like being a new chef in a new kitchen. Suddenly you notice that all the burners are going at once, things start to boil over, and If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear a random kitchen sprite has just run off with your mixing spoon. Believe it or not, this is a rather normal reaction. You’ve certainly got the skills and know how to do your job, but often it’s the little things that can cause the biggest disturbances. However, there are some steps you can take to avoid those unnecessary upheavals.

The Priority A List

The A’s list should be the first and foremost on both you and your clients mind. What are your clients upcoming battles? Deadlines? Immediate goals for the company? Learning about these 3 main topics is going to be crucial to how smoothly the lift-off stage will be (arguably the most important stage.) These initial conversations will inevitably bring attention to modes of operation your client has been applying, and how they correspond with your specific work procedures. For instance, what types of online platforms is your new client familiar with? Are you familiar with said platforms? Should there be an integration on your clients side…or will you need to learn something new in order to better serve? Now is the time to re-establish those work-type boundaries and areas of flexibility, before going full speed ahead.

Additional Steps for the A’s List

  • Establish monthly meeting times
  • Review the contract
  • Establish payment methods
  • Create a new client folder with subfolders
  • Facilitate a going plan for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Confirm best contact methods
  • Do team introductions
  • Collaborate on tasks with your team
  • Send an introductory email to client
  • Do a 30 day checkup of your clients integration progress
  • Consider having a project timeline

Something that entrepreneurs may forget is–each onboarding process is going to feel and BE different. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. It depends on sooo many things. What’s important to remember is that with every new client, your skills will improve. Before you know it, you’ll have created the perfect onboarding format with which to draw from every time.