The Beginnings of an Eco-Friendly Office

The Beginnings of an Eco-Friendly Office

February 15, 2018 Blog 0

With the ever growing list of things that come with maintaining a business, there’s hardly time to remember other REALLY important things in life… like being environmentally conscious. There are meetings to attend, clients to see, plans to construct, and employees to train. Often times, one of the last things on a business owner’s mind is how to reduce footprints on the earth we’ve inherited. And really, it’s quite understandable, because that list of things continues to grow right outside the office and into our personal lives. Nevertheless, mother earth needs us to tread lightly and do what we can…which, you might be surprised isn’t always something of the extreme…

Unplug the office when you leave

Becoming energy efficient 100% doesn’t have to be the set standard for everyone. The idea is to do what you can, and increase your efficiency the next opportunity you get. Did you know, even without a cell phone plugged into its charger, that charger still uses energy? That also goes for other devices around the office, like a coffee maker, printer, electronic calculator, radio, paper shredder, and so on. And with all these devices, why not invest in a smart power strip cord? There would be fewer outlets to cover and your energy efficiency rate would greatly improve.

Choose natural lighting, while getting your daily dose of vitamin D

Working indoors ALL the time can stop the natural process of receiving that much-needed vitamin D we all need to survive. Vitamin D allows us to fight infections and helps make sure our heart, lungs, muscles, and brains work correctly. Save the gas and money of buying those supplements (unless prescribed by a doctor) and pull the shades instead of flipping the switch.

Stay on-site during your working hours

Consider keeping additional appliances around the workplace, like a small refrigerator, toaster/oven, and microwave to fix lunches at work. Create a designated area to sit, lay down, listen to music or just relax. Doing this releases fewer gas emissions into the environment from using your car to get from point A to point B.

The bottom line is, don’t underestimate yourself. There are numerous creative ways to get your company started on the right track towards being environmentally friendly. Small steps eventually become big leaps, and…mother nature will thank you in surprising ways.

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