1,2,3,4 Keep it up 2,3,4…

Yep. It's one foot in front of the other right now. ..But ya know what? As easy as it is to get into the same talk track like "that stupid COVID-19! Won't even let me go to the park now" And "if I have to wash my hands one...more...time...AND... (Ohh no...) CROSSCONTAMINATION"!!! might find yourself with an even bigger headache than you originally would have. Simple is good. Maintain a healthy distance from others

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March 25, 2020 0

Naughty or Nice?

A close friend of mine swung by to see me one afternoon, back in December, to bring me a little treat. I had been having a tough go, and she was being sweet by downplaying the visit as if it were a business 'pop by'. The treat contained a coffee mug with two opposing sides, "naughty" and "nice". I've been sipping from the mug for weeks now, giggling on the inside. The mug reminds me

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February 17, 2020 0

The rarest kind of beautiful

Some things in life make you look twice because you just can’t believe what you are seeing. Like an amazing landscape that seems right out of a picture book. Or, like the structure of an incredible building that just shouldn’t be possible, but it is!  That’s nothing compared to my sister and colleague at AVA Virtual Assistance. Biased you say? ‘Chaaaa!’ And here’s why… These days, business owners are cropping up more and more. It’s

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February 3, 2020 0

Mastering the Little Things

Do you ever approach your day wondering, how am I doing this, as if you were reflecting on your life? I'll tell you how - you got good at mastering the little things. What to eat, what to wear...the things that are repeated over and over again from one day to the next. By getting good at all the seemingly insignificant tasks in your day, you've brought yourself to a place where you feel you

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January 23, 2020 0