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Tracking Money …determined NECESSARY! As a business owner, you need to track your money. It’s absolutely necessary when measuring the fiscal health and well-being of your company. You can measure your success using accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, Fathom, etc.  Get jiggy with those reports! They are fun and informative if you give them space in your world. When you know what the numbers are doing, you can make better decisions about where you’re going,
I’ve said it a thousand times… Running a business is messy. So, how do you measure what’s good in your business so that you’ll know if this messy business is worth it? The answer is – so many ways! Here’s one way to track what’s important to you. I discovered along the way that (for me) being “virtual” meant the ability to serve clients out of the area. Delivering a great service across state lines
Our founder and owner, Audrey Isbell, was the guest on Robert Plank’s podcast “Marketer of the Day” on May 29, 2018. Listen to the episode below! Get More Momentum, Increase Your Revenue, and Grow Your Business Through Delegating with Audrey Isbell. Audrey Isbell from AVA Virtual Assistance is an International Speaker and the Author of “100 Simple Truths all Virtual Assistants Should Know”. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified in Social Marketing and valued