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Hashtags are keywords that link off to additional content. When people click the hashtag, the link takes them to a listing of posts made by people who also used the keyword (hashtag) with their content. Hashtags work similarly to a thread. Great! What the hell is a “thread”? Right!?! PCmagazine helps to define a thread as: “A running commentary of text messages pertaining to one topic or question.” The benefits of using hashtags are many, but
Working Mom at home
As we talked about in the last post, being a work-at-home mom can be very rewarding, but it doesn’t come without its challenges! Just imagine how productive your workday would be if there were a tiny human in the office with you who couldn’t do anything on their own. (Hint: not very productive!) I remember when I first started working again after having my son. He was three months old and I was excited to
When you hear “work-at-home mom,” what image comes to your mind? Is it a relaxed woman in comfy sweats drinking a hot cup of coffee and closing her laptop after an hour of good work to get her peacefully sleeping baby?  Or is it a frazzled woman with a milk-stained shirt trying to balance a wailing baby on her hips while buttering toast, all while on a phone call with a client? Every working mom