Businesses bringing in the New Year

Businesses bringing in the New Year

December 16, 2017 Blog 0

Celebrate Your Business!

It’s a incredible time of year, and we’re not just talking about tiny twinkling lights, soon to be fireworks and lit-up driveways and houses either…although they certainly help to warm the spirit! Yup, there’s something else to delight in and savor as well… celebrating yet another milestone of your entrepreneurial efforts and bringing that business into a new year! So, how does one prepare for bringing a business into the new year? Well, specially for you, we’ve thought up a few things you’ll want to add to that list of success if you haven’t already…

Get square with the tax man

Yes, this is a familiar one isn’t it? Well, now’s the time to take a day…or two…however many, and see about which forms you’ll need to complete the year’s taxes with and by when. The sooner you find out where your business stands, the sooner you can plan future goals that are uplifting and support your going forward to the future. Get with a CPA or Accountant and take some time to really understand those profit and loss reports and how you can improve cash flow for the coming year…you won’t regret it!

Don an inspirational calendar next to your desk for motivation

Just setting a date as to WHEN you’ll clear your O’ so beautiful desk off from that beastly clutter, practically takes you out of the picture entirely! Ok… so maybe you WILL have to do a bit of work…but hey, once you’ve set the date, half the battle is over right? And while your at it, you might as well pencil in a day or two to go through and organize email, call that electrical engineer you’ve been putting off, re-arrange the office for better work space, or tag some time for a good computer clean-up. Yes, it’s the little things in life!

Review which clients or customers you felt a real connection with

Taking the time to evaluate business meetings and how well they went will surely give you tools for the coming year. Ask yourself some important questions like: Which were the most important goals of the client? What topics could use more conversation? Which projects went really well or could have been improved upon? Meaningful questions like these will keep you ahead of the game and give you that edge that is truly sought after from serious patrons and consumers.

Get informed of new tax laws

January 1st is usually a pretty solid date for new business laws to come into effect. Be prepared and at the ready, so you’re not paying extra fees right out of the gate. There’s nothing better than feeling confident because your business is following crucial policies and procedures. Actively ask what has changed for your industry, and how are other similar companies handling the change?

This list can obviously get extensive, but hey, it’s always better to be prepared than not…and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised after this one hard push into the new year, and how it can really put a spring in your step…seriously…no joke.


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