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What the hell is a hashtag anyway? #love

[starbox]Hashtags are keywords that link off to additional content. When people click the hashtag, the link takes them to a listing of posts made by people who also used the keyword (hashtag) with their content. Hashtags work similarly to a thread. Great! What the hell is a "thread"? Right!?! PCmagazine helps to define a thread as: "A running commentary of text messages pertaining to one topic or question." The benefits of using hashtags are many, but

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July 31, 2019 0

Get serious about your marketing plan! (Part 2)

[starbox]You marketing plan doesn't have to be an element of business that only happens during the onset of a new year. If you approach your marketing a bit haphazardly, then you may feel better about looking at your efforts broken down into these categories: Messaging Channels Tracking Revising Take a look at our earlier post, part 1, of "Get serious about your marketing plan!" where we covered the first two categories, Messaging and Channels. This second part

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October 1, 2017 0

3 Reasons VAs Need Stellar Public Speaking Skills

The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) posted an article written by our founder Audrey Isbell yesterday. The article goes into depth about three excellent reasons why VA's need to be public speaking  rock stars. Check it out HERE! "Of the many reasons for learning to be a great public speaker, here are three that will encourage Virtual Assistants to improve or add to their skill set."  
December 15, 2016 0