Everybody’s an Expert! …Yikes!

Everybody’s an Expert! …Yikes!

June 16, 2020 Blog Business Ownership 0

I’ve been a bit contemplative lately about the direction our “information age” has taken us. Are you feeling flustered by all the experts? COVID has, in some ways, created a ramp-up to our next-level experience. I’m calling this saturation-age!  

Talking with my husband about saturation-age, the other day; we’re just overwhelmed by all of it – both the good and bad found on the web and in the news. He said that he recently discovered a course online that was being developed about this very thing. In fact, he was excited to sign-up because it was being rolled out by a well-credentialed scientist whose expertise has been valued high among scientific communities. He explained that the course was meant to help others to filter better, the information they’re receiving from the internet etc.


We need this so desperately.

One question, though… is the person developing the course really the expert? My husband seems to think so, and knowing my husband as I do, I’m inclined to agree.

Who is an Expert?

People are making a lot of changes right now, “pivoting” and “sharing” and the web is the delivery system that allows us to take our businesses online; masses launching new courses etc., at a rate that feels alarming, even to an already online business owner/entrepreneur. To be clear, I’m not opposed to this, but do feel greatly opposed to the rate it’s happening. There are responsibilities here – on the web. And there seems to be a lack of “Heart Selling” as opposed to Hard Selling goods and services.  

I’m working hard to make more of what I do accessible to others via online as many of you are, and having had successes like AVA Virtual Assistance being named one of the “BEST ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPANIES IN AMERICA” by ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE’S Entrepreneur 360™ List, just last year…you betcha! …I’m feeling like an “expert” in my field, and “ready for launch”.  

Pair that success with many happy clients who’ve said things like:

“AVA is the swiss army knife of virtual assistants” -Daniel Daugs (Every Single Bean)

AND…years of experience (countless mini successes, learning from failures), coupled with genuine love for helping the individuals and businesses we serve…

yup…I’m an Expert Virtual Assistant.


Our collective claiming of the title “expert”, in anything, is feeding the saturation-age in a way that is beginning to feel harmful. Aware of the great responsibility I have to all of you and myself – I can only hope we all continue forward with care and consideration of others and our impact in our global community. Here’s what I’m practicing on a personal and business level that I feel will benefit all of us in saturation-age, the age of the “expert”:

5 Self-Development Steps:

  1. Stop giving unsolicited advice/opinions
  2. Ask more questions – be open to other possibilities
  3. REALLY Listen quit mentally preparing the next conversation piece while others are speaking. (Feeling excited is no excuse for turning off the ears.)
  4. Take time to think about what I’ve learned, objectively
  5. Keep practicing all of the above (this work is never finished)   

These areas of self-development are needing to be nurtured in everyone. 

I began writing this article during the first wave of COVID challenges, primarily with business on the brain. At that time it was obvious how people were suffering not just from illness, worry, fear, but economic hardship, job loss, business shutdowns, and more. As a professional submerged in a business mindset, I became aware of the professionals who had the intent to “pivot”. I was flooded by the concept of there being too many “experts” in the world already, and none doing any of the steps I was feeling I needed to do myself (listed above). 

As I finish this article, there is rioting in the streets and tense awareness of the black lives matter campaign. (Is it okay to call it a “campaign”? I don’t know what’s politically correct or even racial-awareness correct anymore. I’m constantly worried I might offend someone unintentionally. I’m a “white life”, this time around at least, who cares about ALL life.) 

Now, saturated with concerns and a desire to help, I’m feeling obstructed by the obstacles that affect us all. I’m an action taker, who’s deeply aware of Newton’s laws of motion – cause and effect. I’m frustrated when I don’t know what I can do to be helpful and supportive. Somehow, I’m encouraged by my own self-development epiphanies though, and wonder if they may help you too.

Not an “expert”, or at least I’ll refrain from calling myself that.

I am emerging. Growing. Learning.

As are you.

Will you practice these 5 self-development steps with me? Am I missing any steps that you could add to my list? Please comment below, and thank you in advance.

Audrey Isbell
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