Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

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Ariel Kostrna

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Ariel Kostrna
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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Do you fall in love with Christmastime? I know I do! The lights, the atmosphere, the happychristmas-tree-christmas-1796131_1280 secrets and gift-giving – I love it all. But what if  you aren’t so crazy about Christmas? Well, I’ve got some suggestions of things to do that will put you in the Christmas spirit pronto!

1. Buy a tree. A real one. The smell of a real tree in your home will do wonders for bringing about the feel of Christmas! If you can’t afford a full-size tree, a miniature one will still do the trick, and smell just as good.

christmas-ornament-1823940_12802. Put lights up everywhere. Not just around the tree, but around your windows and over your front porch and even in your bathroom! Warm, yellow lights are so comforting and Christmasy and you won’t regret them when you turn out the lights and relax on the couch with some tea or coffee as the lights surround you.

3. Go caroling. Find a group of friends and sing some Csanta-1862411_1280hristmas carols around the living room (if you don’t want to go door to door.) The point is to sing your heart out! It always feels more like Christmas when you sing those famous old carols.

christmas-cookies-553457_12804. Bake Christmas cookies. Turn up your holiday Pandora station and get out your apron and whisk! Christmas baking is fun even for those of us (like myself) who aren’t great bakers. After all, if you use enough sugar it’s bound to taste good, right? 😉

5. Read the Christmas story. No matter what your religion, there’s a good old fashioned warmth in reading the story of Baby Jesus in the manger. You can even visit a live nativity if there’s one near you!


christmas-15651_12806. Give a gift to a stranger. This is an easy one if you’ve done #4 and have some extra cookies to hand out. Wrap them up on a festive paper plate with a red bow, and hand them to a neighbor you haven’t met, that man on the street corner, your mailman — anyone! The point is to pick someone you usually wouldn’t give a gift to and revel in the pure joy of giving!



7. Last but not least, wear Christmas socks! You may think this is silly, but I become 3x more Christmasy when I put on a pair of crazy, red and white socks with reindeer and Santas on them. Plus, they’re super cozy!


There are a million and a half more things you could do, like writing a letter to Santa Clause, watching Christmas movies, and putting up mistletoe, but I had to stop somewhere. These should get you started, and put you in the wonderful spirit of Christmas!