Virtual Assistants Love Google Search Tools

Virtual Assistants Love Google Search Tools

March 1, 2017 Blog Technology 0

The search tools on Google make me happy. Is Google huggable? Because I just want to squeeze a teddy bear when I use them, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Virtual Assistant on the planet that loves them. Google search tools help me cut down the time I’d be spending looking things up, which is pretty often in my line of work.

Here are two of my favorite Google search options:

When you’re at the search bar and you’ve entered in the criteria, click the “Tools” button just below the search bar. (FYI, the Tools button is often a bit more difficult to locate when you’re on a mobile device… but it’s there.)

Google Search Tools

Next, try clicking on the drop-down arrow with the words “Anytime”. Doing so will reveal this awesome range of filters for searching the web. You can look to see if anyone has posted in the last hour, 24 hours, so on and so forth – to find the most recent/relevant information made public by the web. Seriously got the warm and fuzzy feelings over this one!

Virtual Assistant filtering Google search results

What about more tools when you search for images?

YES, Google thought of that too. Virtual Assistant’s get to help with marketing quite often, and I’ve had countless clients worry over copyright infringement when selecting photos to reuse. There are many tools that can be found on the web that aid in that effort. My advice? Be thoughtful and diligent. Just because Google returned an image under the filtering of “Images > Usage rights > “Labeled for reuse”‘, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of the woods where copyrights are concerned.

Virtual Assistant looking for polar bear images

You can see from the image above that you get options like “Labeled for reuse” and “Labeled for noncommercial reuse”. It’s up to you to learn the meanings of those selections, prior to grabbing photos for your own purposes.

By default, images found through a general search on Google are “Not filtered by License” and this is where many people unknowingly (or perhaps without a whole lot of thoughtfulness) grab a photo for reuse without the artist’s permission. Polar bears are cool, doing THAT is not, just so we’re clear.

TIP: If you do find that someone is reaching out to you saying you’ve used something of theirs that is protected, and now you owe them money. Chances are you’re being scammed. The first thing you should be seeing from them is likely a “Cease and Desist” order, NOT a request for money. To be respectful, as well as to stay out of trouble, let them know you’ll stop using the content in question. Then follow through on that, and remove that content immediately.

Go on, play with the Google Search Tools

I’ve shown you two of my favorites, now go try them out. Try the other tools that are hanging out in those areas as well, just under the search bar. See what happens when you change from “All” to “Videos” or “News”. You’ll be amazed at what you find and also how quickly you’re able to get the search results you were after. In the world of huggable Google, and fuzzy feelings… Google Search Tools is now something you couldn’t BEAR to live without. Ha ha! …okay that pun was so good, it was bad.

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What tools do you find exciting and useful? Leave a comment below.

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