A Growing Economy Includes Virtual Assistants

A Growing Economy Includes Virtual Assistants

March 9, 2017 In the News 0

Imagine our excitement when we got the call to be included in this article about the economy in Grants Pass and other surrounding communities of Southern Oregon. It’s pretty awesome to know that Virtual Assistants (who are normally the unseen ninjas of admin production) are also recognized contributors to a locally growing economy.

Page 1 - Article by Jeff Duewel

We love assisting entrepreneurs and established business owners who have a product or service that ultimately gives back and that helps to promote healthy, thriving communities. Our service to clients in other regions brings new revenue into Southern Oregon. Clients in those other time zones benefit too, by experiencing an extended work day, thus being more productive. Special consideration may be given to more localized entrepreneurs/businesses who need additional admin help but are not quite ready for an employee (for any number of reasons).Page 2 - Article by Jeff Duewel

AVA Virtual Assistance is leading the VA industry into Value Priced agreements as well. We can further the growth and economy of our community business leaders and startups by removing the fear that a “meter is running” – something you get with hourly fee agreements. Flat rate packages are no better because they limit plans for growth, rather than encourage more. Value Pricing is the way to go. Other industries are seeing the need and making this change, there’s no good reason why the Virtual Assistant industry couldn’t do the same.

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