*.+*Happy New Year*.+.*.+.*

*.+*Happy New Year*.+.*.+.*

December 31, 2016 Blog 0

Welcoming 2017

Another magical holiday is here, loved ones gather to watch their favorite movies while dining on specially made dishes. Card games get dealt, and board games come out. Delicious drinks are served and good conversation commences. It’s a celebration that goes all the way back to Julius Caesar and the days of Babylonia. It’s a tradition that began in Times Square in 1904, marking the first subway line opening. The first ball dropped from 1907 into 1908, welcoming not just a new year but a tradition that’s been built upon by families across the world.

With the new year, comes a universal question (‘ahem… not new.)  “What’s YOUR new year’s resolution?” Sometimes it’s an effortless answer, sometimes..not.. so..much… It’s easy to feel like you might need to have the perfect response, especially if you’re at some big party or event. But, keep in mind that new years resolutions are for many things: For fun, to help us feel connected, to find a new excitement about life, or a sense of personal motivation (that’s all your own.) In the end, if you feel fine with not having a new year’s resolution “don’t sweat the small stuff,” just smile and say “I don’t need one this year.”

Sometimes we want a new year’s resolution, but it’s a challenge to find that really good one to keep the fire going. If that’s the case, here is a list of ideas you might draw some kindling from for inspiration.

  • Write more. If writing seems intimidating to you, try some short stories first.
  • Plan a vacation, invite old friends along.
  • Start a podcast…on anything you like.
  • Schedule in some creative time…for the rest of the year.
  • Resolve to balance your books, and get a budget going.
  • Re-vamp your website, add a few new things
  • Network…at least once a week.

Of course, it goes without saying…but in case you forgot, our Virtual Assistance team would LOVE to help you with any one of these resolutions…or any others for that matter!

–  Here’s to an outstanding new year!



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