The Harmonious Future of Businesses and Virtual Assistants

Hannah Batty

Virtual Assistant at AVA Virtual Assistance
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Hannah Batty

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The Wave is Here

The number of small businesses continues to be strong. With the arrival of mobile technology and growing online work platforms, an entrepreneur’s choices are ten fold. But as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Yes, this power shift is certain to remove any roadblocks previously encountered…right? Well… kinda. Marketing is far simpler than it used to be. Now, all you have to do is sign up with any number of online social media platforms and “wiz,” “pop,” “boom” you’re driving your very own, self-crafted biz mobile-WHICH is quicker than lightning of course!Not so Faaassst!” (as Donald Duck’s conscience would say…) Aren’t you forgetting something? What about marketing strategy? How do you plan to get that certain demographic to look your way…or return to your social media sites? Everyone has jumped on the freshly revised “Brand-Bandwagon” and it seems ways to leverage this are constantly changing. Tactful Blog Storytelling, Strategic Co-Marketing, Content Curation, Livestreaming, Brand Mottos, Brand Logos, SEO Management, Building Conversations, How-to-Guides, Tailored Images and Social Media Analyticsjust to name a few, are all an integral part of a businesses future success now. The truth is becoming apparent to those eager-to-learn entrepreneur’s that in order to generate a healthy cash flow, they will have to delegate some of those more tedious tasks to somebody else. Another appropriate saying here would be, “time is money” and however cliched it might be, it continues to be true. Many studies suggest the average time a business spends doing just regulatory tasks alone is well over half. Imagine building a company where fun, innovation, and inspiration were all you had to think about. Business owners are finding the more tasks they can hand off the more freedom they have to be creative and competitive, giving them that edge they need to be unforgettable. The beautiful thing about a Virtual Assistant cooperative is, VA’s are just as motivated about helping your business thrive as you are! It’s in our nature to want to make things work–then move on to that next task. We actually love social media marketing, making those spreadsheets, creating word docs., and aiding in unique thinking which might propel a business forward. The bottom line is, your success will always be our success!