How to Measure Success

How to Measure Success

May 9, 2019 Blog 0

Audrey Isbell
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I’ve said it a thousand times…

Running a business is messy.

So, how do you measure what’s good in your business so that you’ll know if this messy business is worth it? The answer is – so many ways!

Here’s one way to track what’s important to you.

I discovered along the way that (for me) being “virtual” meant the ability to serve clients out of the area. Delivering a great service across state lines gave me a thrill and true sense of accomplishment. I began to measure this kind of growth and success using Google Maps. One pin for every state we have clients.

You can modify this type of tracking to fit your own business model, it doesn’t have to be like our “Service Reach by State”. It could be:

  • a pin for a specific amount of revenue earned by state
  • a number of products sold within city limits
  • distribution channels earned by county… you name it!

Google Maps has options for plugging in photos, color coding pins, and using layers to help you track and stay organized! Get creative, and start dropping those pins.

Also, design it your own way! I get this question all the time: “How many clients do you have”. I hate that question – it has no consideration for how much work comes with each client and therefore does not speak to one’s success. You could have TWO clients and make millions of dollars.

Measure the successes that are important to YOU.

How are you tracking your small business successes? Leave a comment – We’d love to hear from you.