Kudos and Thank you

Kudos and Thank you

November 27, 2019 Blog 0

I would love to give a shout out to the gentleman that I see walking everyday – rain, snow or shine. 

This stranger to me is always carrying a grocery bag in his hand as he takes his morning or afternoon stroll. This grocery bag is for picking up any trash that he sees along his journey! Kudos to this gentleman for taking matters into his own hands and making a difference in the appearance of a heavily populated area of south Grants Pass!  

I appreciate that you are always courteous to drivers; making sure not to stop traffic to pick up something a driver or passenger, more than likely, threw out their window. 

I was raised to always pack in what I pack out when camping or hiking in nature and I have tried my best to instill in my daughters that if we find something on a trail, to pack it out with us. “You always want to leave the trail looking better than when you got there.”  Some days that could be just one empty soda can and other days it could be a large amount of garbage – somebody dumped intentionally. We take away as much as we can possibly fit in our packs.

It can be devastating to witness people leaving a trace on the trails and by the way, those public trails could potentially be shut down if we don’t take proper care and dispose of our waste in the (often provided) dumpsters or trash cans.

So my challenge to all is please look for a way to be more like the gentleman who walks daily and picks up any trash he comes upon. AVA does everything virtually preventing the use of paper. My family has a goal to always find something to pack out with us when we are out in nature. Every little thing we do to help keep our planet clean is actually a huge thing when we all contribute to the cause.

If you are looking for a way to contribute this holiday weekend, REI is hosting a huge event called Opt Outside Cleanups. Check out the link for locations near you. What a great way to spend Black Friday!

What have you packed out or picked up that has made a difference?  Do you have any hacks that help with cleaning up the trail? Leave a comment below.