Make Long Hours at Your Computer Easier, with a Standing Desk

Make Long Hours at Your Computer Easier, with a Standing Desk

July 4, 2020 Blog Business Ownership Technology Testimonials 0

For many years now, I’ve been working to create more ergonomic, “body-friendly” solutions for working long hours at a desk. I found a solution years ago on Amazon, it was the AirRise Pro Standing Desks. Having the ability to simply stand and keep working has been great! Teammates think so too.

Each new addition to my team meant another one of these amazing standing desks. It’s a small investment with HUGE benefit, and not just to make a teammates’ job easier, but to know that I’m doing what I can for their long term health and wellbeing.

I’ve been recommending these standing desks to colleagues too, who have said things like “long hours at the desk have been killing me” and “my body aches from being in that chair all day”.

While I still feel some aches and pains from a very stationary career, I hesitate to think what my body would feel like without the desk that has allowed me to simply stand when I needed to.

Only recently did I decide to try and earn a few dollars back from Amazon by doing something I’d do anyway…recommend this product. LOL! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Neat!

Either way though, do yourself and your team a favor – choose work station equipment that supports your long-term health. You’ll find that doing so, is well worth it…even after just a few weeks.

Also, I wanted to mention here that I had a need to have one of the hydraulics replaced on a desk. I contacted the Stand Up Desk Store directly, and they were very responsive to my needs and even replaced entire units after years of use. I was very impressed and quite pleased with their customer service.

Here’s a photo of my desk in standing position. As you can see, the two monitors fit quite nicely. Computer tower, odds and ends (coffee cup) all fit on a side table. The other computer stations in our office have standard “L” shaped desks underneath the AirRise Pro desks, standing desks, which work wonderfully for additional workspace.

Suffice it to say, I still highly recommend these standing desks. They are affordable, easy to use, the store has great customer service, and you can expect to feel better from utilizing the desk how it was designed and intended.

Do you have a favorite piece of office equipment? I would love to know what it is. Place a comment below.

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