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Get to know the skills and personalities who work remotely, behind the scenes, to help you excel your productivity and business.


Hannah Batty, Certified Virtual Specialist

Hannah Batty

Working with and learning about others' life ambitions is one of Hannah's great joys. Every shiny sand-piece is unique and special—and so it is with people, too. Hannah recognizes the wonderful gifts others bring to the circle and includes them in guiding her toward the best possible solutions. Feeling that continued education is important for her industry, Hannah has become Hootsuite certified along with obtaining a Virtual Specialist certificate from the first program offered in the Northwest. She works in and is familiar with all of the Microsoft Office programs, Neat software, and various online platforms. She is skilled at Technical and Creative Writing, PowerPoint Presentations, Marketing, Internet Research, Data Entry projects and more. After the joys of work, Hannah spends time with family and friends, playing the guitar, reading, and doing watercolor artwork. Book an Appointment

Audrey Isbell, Owner

Audrey Isbell

As CEO/Owner, Audrey has enjoyed a variety of accomplishments over the years. She’s helped hundreds of professionals build and grow their practices, she’s an accomplished Public Speaker and self-published Author too. Audrey’s expertise spans a wide range of skill sets including bookkeeping, marketing, operations, and more. She’s well known for her abilities with project management, and digital coordination efforts. She’s a visionary, planner, and implementer as well, which has made her a valuable asset to businesses across the nation and internationally too. Audrey has served on the Board of Directors for the International Virtual Assistants Association, helping to provide benefits and resources needed by VAs, globally. She’s always been passionate about helping others and thoroughly believes that “attitude is everything” and “being solutions-driven” has aided in her success.

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