Meet the Team

Get to know the skills and personalities who work remotely, behind the scenes, to help you excel your productivity and businesses.

Our Team of Virtual Assistants

Audrey Isbell, Virtual Assistant

Audrey likes to play with people who despise general office admin “busy-work”, but still know how important it is for a healthy business model! She put together this team of Virtual Assistants, who get a kick out of helping other small businesses succeed. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified in Social Marketing, and has a powerful Network of People who are all about taking business to their next best level. When she’s not helping the team power-house through the tasks you’ve assigned, she’s working as a creative advisor and consultant to you and your firm. Audrey is ranked as a high visionary in business, but also enjoys singing and playing ukulele, hiking trails, or wrestling with her dogs. If you’re tempted to work with Audrey and the rest of the AVA team we’d love to hear from you! Book an Appointment.

Brenda Francis, Virtual Assistant

Brenda has 6 years experience in the medical office field, 16 years in banking, and 35 years in Customer Service. She’s been using computers with savvy since 1998! She works with Special Ed students in her spare time and loves her three kids, one granddaughter, the beach, music, movies. She’s also an avid reader and history buff.

Ariel Kostrna, Virtual Assistant

Ariel thrives on inspiring others and helping them grow. For that reason, she is extremely pleased to call herself a Virtual Assistant, where she can put her diverse skills to good use. Although seemingly at odds with her creative personality, she found she excels at and likes working with numbers and data. She enjoys bookkeeping, video editing, designing flyers or documents, and researching. Thanks to her love of writing, she has a high typing speed of 90 WPM. When she’s not typing away at her latest story, you can find her singing Jazz songs, acting in local theater, discussing psychology or theology, song-writing or spending time with her husband.

Hannah Batty, Virtual Assistant

Hannah is a cultivated and refined Writer/Editor and Researcher. She has completed two years of college-level Spanish along with critical reading and writing courses. Language and conceptual expression are the wheels that move her to assist others in their greatness. Knowledge, continued education, and wisdom, guides her to fulfill the needs of others. Using her skills in supporting another’s goals and ideas allows her to feel a stronger sense of worth and accomplishment in life. When Hannah isn’t reading about things like the peculiarities of Quantum Physics (with Michio Kaku explaining how electrons can be in multiple states once) she is reading about holistic living, antique paintings, and how to crochet sweaters for her loving dogs.

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