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That’s right, Move (like, decorate the office, try a new workout routine, have an off the cuff meeting, have a party…) It’s one of my favorite words when it comes to innovation and creative thinking. But it seems, even the concept of “creative thinking” is running its course in our minds–it’s turning a bit into a cliche phrase, isn’t it? This happens sometimes to the best of them. It shouldn’t however, stop us from realizing a word’s value. Some things are just everlasting…and creativity is one of them! Whether it’s the phrase alone that gets you or simply pressure to be original…just making a MOVE is key to breaking the cycle of, let us just call it…“the business void.” 

An accurate definition of the word Innovation is – Introducing something very new or different.” Imagination is a beautiful and natural human-like response to life in general, but is also an ingenuity and cleverness we lean on to keep our business wheels turning smoothly. SO, if you’re not sure where to take a project, business venture, or are just looking for some new ways to transcend old ways of approaching things, here are a few fresh ideas you might try:

Start every day with a NEW favorite song, this could be harder than you think… but worth it!

How many times did you play that one favorite song last week? Five, ten? It’s good to have a song to pull out and refuel with, but what if you had 30 or 40 lined up and ready to go? Finding “the perfect jam” isn’t always easy. Spend a weekend discovering new soundtracks from around the world then get ’em ready to go, you won’t be sorry.

Get away from reading the same genres…far away!  

We all have our favorite subjects, but when we continue to read on the same subject–even from a different author, a certain stagnation does occur, and our creativity gets cleverly blunted by routine thinking patterns. Step out of that comfort zone and allow a few fresh concepts to emerge from your genius.

Temporarily ban and get away from other stuff too, like…

The same words, resources, business demographics, types of communications, work space, type of artwork, hangouts, work projects, the same drive to the office, vacation spot, the same inspirational speakers, youtube channels, and even types of foods (OK… maybe not ALL at once.) The idea is–by putting in a few new blockades and restrictions on the usual, it forces us to use our creative muscle and generate things we might never have thought of before. Doing this for even a couple of days will surely enrich the office and work life in ways, well…you couldn’t have imagined otherwise.




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