Naughty or Nice?

Naughty or Nice?

February 17, 2020 Blog Business Ownership 0

A close friend of mine swung by to see me one afternoon, back in December, to bring me a little treat. I had been having a tough go, and she was being sweet by downplaying the visit as if it were a business ‘pop by’.

The treat contained a coffee mug with two opposing sides, “naughty” and “nice”. I’ve been sipping from the mug for weeks now, giggling on the inside. The mug reminds me of how deeply complex each one of us is.

Day to day, week to week, the words on my coffee mug bring up a silly feeling inside that has made me wonder what others would think if they could only hear my inside chatter.

NICE! …of course! I say to myself with both sincerity as well as a devious grin.

Then something will happen… like my teammates and I will get into a conversation here at the office, and I’ll start laughing hysterically at someone else’s naughty sense of humor. Crap! Does that make me naughty too? – because I definitely got the joke… AND laughed.

Further musings on naughty vs. nice, as I’m waking up in the morning sipping my coffee …how does one gauge if they are being naughty/nice in their business? I’ve worked with many more nice business owners and have encountered very few naughty ones. This could be due to the fact that I live rurally and my business is small. (Plus, I’m not into politics.) But…

Do they know they’re being naughty?

Attention seeking individuals (politics aside) are almost certainly among the lot who are naughty in business. Right? Climbing over each other to get to the ‘top’, etc.

I’ve only encountered one such individual, or a least was able to recognize the moment for what it was. Definitely naughty! I don’t suspect that they even knew what they were doing…but I could just be nieve or nice in that conclusion.

While I’ve never felt like I was climbing over anyone but myself, I took the experience and started analyzing it inwards. I love attention – or rather, recognition. Hell, for the first five years of my business I was the self-proclaimed “recognition junkie” because I’ve always really loved receiving accolades for my creativity and hard work. I was ashamed of wanting the attention too. Maybe that person wasn’t aware they were ‘climbing’?

After being introduced to one of my, now favorite literary characters, I’ve realized that enjoying attention isn’t a bad thing. That character is L.A. Meyer’s Jackie Faber, brought to life by Katherine Kellgren, in the amazing Bloody Jack audiobook series. While there were times when Jackie was really, very, naughty… I don’t recall a time when she made another person look bad, simply to gain attention. Nice!!!

If you do, “loves the attention” like me and Jackie, and like us are a creative entrepreneur – I’ll tell you now, we run a greater risk as individuals – of being naughty business owners. For those of you who are naughty anyway…get your brain out of the gutter and hang with me for a sec! I’m saying it’s naughty to draw attention to yourself/your business if it’s at the intentional detriment of others.

Intentions have a lot to do with the naughty/nice gauge. We have a lot less to worry about when we keep good, healthy, heart-driven intentions. If you’re like me, and you want to be extra careful to lead a heart-centered business…you actively work on being mindful of others too. How they’re feeling. What their struggles are, and how you can help them. You can still be in the spotlight, and do all these good things too.

Amazing how one holiday-themed coffee cup can produce all these thoughts, huh? Well, truth is… I could actually write several books on naughty vs. nice and the various topics that arise in my brain – so could you, I’m sure! …they might be rated differently though. LOL!

No… I don’t think naughty is all bad. If applied to your life correctly, it can even be good for the soul. And while being nice should always go without saying… I’m going to say it anyway:

Be nice. Be kind. And always consider how what you do affects others.

Find me on LinkedIn/post a comment – I’d love to know how you feel about getting attention or if you’ve encountered someone ‘climbing’ too. Read the book? Do you agree that not all efforts to get a little attention are bad?

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