One Reason Virtual Assistants Love Google Docs

One Reason Virtual Assistants Love Google Docs

March 30, 2021 Administration Blog Business Ownership Technology 0


Who doesn’t love Google Docs!?

One reason Virtual Assistants love Google Docs is Convenience! Convenience is one of the primary reasons for running your business with the help of Google. Here’s a question that Virtual Assistants are asked all the time:

Do you know GSuite and can you work with Google Docs?

Yes. I replaced breathing oxygen with Google a long time ago. Ha ha!

Google Docs is a really amazing way to collaborate on written work. It has features for suggesting edits, and a way to comment that doesn’t interfere with the language on the page. Okay, you caught me… there isn’t just ONE reason why Virtual Assistants love Google Docs, there are several.

Google Doc Templates Make Things Easier Too

If you are anything like me, you don’t like recreating documents from scratch. You will look for a template to work from first, to save time. Your pre-built templates, as well as custom templates, can then all be managed within Google Drive. Yep! That’s right, Google gives us a place to manage the templates that we all like to use again and again. I love that Google has done this because it helps keep things well organized – a Virtual Assistant’s dream (organization).

Google Merge Text

A GENIUS little software feature we found, that your business is sure to benefit from is the merge text programming built into Google Docs. We have created things like Proposals, and Reports using Google Doc Template and Google Forms that produce a brand new Google Doc that’s ready to go!

If you’re a visual person, take a look at this graphic we recreated. (right)

If you’re a fellow geek and want the details about how it works… visit Google Docs for Developers > API v1

Are you impressed with the information above, about Google Docs, Templates, and Merge Text, etc? Are you thinking you might like to work with us – request a consult or a quote to get started.

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