Plugging In and Going Digital! (Part 2)

Plugging In and Going Digital! (Part 2)

September 15, 2016 Blog 0

Everyday Maintenance, Internet Tools, and Keeping Pace.

Hello, fellow entrepreneurs and business-goers alike!  The last post spoke about “digitizing ourselves” staying with the times, and the beginnings of becoming a part of the technological collective.  

Now, let’s talk further about standard Everyday Maintenance, Internet Tools, and Keeping Pace!

  1.  Everyday Maintenance

laptop-1246672_1280To keep your (Windows) PC friendly and in optimum health, it’s important to check for weekly updates.  Updates are necessary for your computer to continue running efficiently.  Inconsistency can impede work, internet use, and Anti-Virus software.  Don’t assume your computer will automatically update for you.  Depending on the PC, you may have to manually choose for updates to occur regularly.  This is also true for Anti-Virus software.  Be aware that some updates can change the way your system runs, functions or interacts.  Occasionally, an update can change the functionality of a very important program you’re using.  If this happens, go to the “help” icon or “?” and troubleshoot in Microsoft’s Website for Windows.  There you will find many answers to your questions, online support, and community forums.  Remember, if your PC does not restart on its own after optimization, be sure to restart it manually so as to complete the process.

2.  Internet Tools

Internet tools are used every day around the world to help increase one’s sovereignty in the The home button, arrow buttons, and Apps button are all good examples of online tools.   Boost your efficiency and business value by finding and creating your own.

If you’re not sure which browser to use, Chrome is excellent for creating helpful internet tools and is a popular way many online users apply administrative organization and new skill-sets.  Bookmark your searches with the favorites button and then organize them into files.  Want your browser to immediately open a favorite website?  Create a tab!  All this can be done through the customization button at the top right of Google-Chrome.   Looking for more PC space? Try Cloud Storage, a massive database to save all your vital work (and potentially money and time.)  (Like email, Apps can be great tools or sources for a business to rely on.  In the top left corner of Google-Chrome, you will find numerous helpful Apps for Data Entry, Editing, Work Order Management, Resume Building, Traveling, Business Card Making, Shopping and much more.  Also, if you find certain Apps/Tools just aren’t for you or wish to set your browser back to its original view, choose the “restore” button in settings.)

3.  Keeping Pace

Part of keeping pace is making sure your hard work and creative ideas are safe from deletion. Invest in an External Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or SanDisk in case of computer crash or unforeseen events.  Being prepared in the digital world is just as imperative, because not only is technology here to stay, it’s ever-changing and interactive with our businesses.  If it’s feasible, consider upgrading your internet from DSL to Broadband.  Bookmark websites for upcoming tech news, stay in touch with reviews, and of course… never stop learning!

Stay tuned for our 3rd part series conclusion in “Plugging in and Going Digital (Part 3)”


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