Plugging In and Going Digital! (Part 1)

Plugging In and Going Digital! (Part 1)

August 25, 2016 Blog 0

Entrepreneurship and Becoming “Part of the Collective.”

Balance is everything, especially now that we live in such a fast world… a technologically fast world.  Ok…it’s like speedier than my chihuahua when he spots Felix outside his window (…which is pretty darn fast!)  This can be incredibly frustrating to us organic beings who still enjoy relaxed conversation about production while simultaneously getting answers, versus receiving them in unwavering and yet tireless (gulp) “meetings.”  Times have changed and adapt we must if we want our glorious businesses and business ideas to thrive in an ever-changing, hi-tech world! This little nugget of truth is always there within us all.  In the backs of our minds, this one question looms at us and floats around like…Casper, the friendly ghost… querying “are you computer literate?”  Well, “yes… (and) no… maybe… well I’m not sure” are likely responses we’ve all gotten from time to time.macbook-577758_1280

Why is this important?  You may wonder to yourself (as you reboot your computer for the third time to make that pesky blue screen go away… because that firewall you downloaded last week seemed safe [but it turns out it wasn’t] and now you can’t send that ultra life-changing file to your boss who is waiting patiently for it at the office… right now… on a Friday… so he can go home to his loving family for an easy weekend, only to return Monday happily renewed that–he’s going to give YOU the raise.)  Well, let’s just say that if you’re in the grey about whether or not your computer literate, then chances are your business might be suffering.  Maybe you’re not as challenged as “firewall girl” and a few brush-ups in the electronic world would reaffirm your already expertise.  Or, maybe you’re a beginning entrepreneur, just now gaining computer skills in order to be digitally savvy.  No matter your status, there is helpful information for everyone everywhere to be sure!  Here are some essentials you might refer to, in order to increase your business ability in the electronic world:

Ways To Awaken The Digital Dragon Within!

-A good place to begin is to update your Operating System.  Updating your computer does not always mean going out and spending loads of money on a new one (although most “tech-savvies” agree, purchasing a new laptop once every 3-4 years is wise.)  Some laptops which begin to move at a snail’s pace, however, can be renewed with: A new SSD Card, Additional RAM, Updated Anti-Virus Software, or the latest OS of your computer.

-Find a reputable and trustworthy reference site for digital/internet terms and definitions.  Some examples might be,, or  (*Although additional reading and Internet research may be required, most URL’s ending with .edu, or .gov are sound websites to gain knowledge from.)

-Bookmark various web feeds for technology news and reports.

-Bookmark various web videos (Windows 10) and seminars on how to properly use current technology/Internet tools.

-Sign up with LinkedIn or Facebook for one-on-one conversations with other successful entrepreneurs.

We Hope This Helps,

Join us next month for Part 2 on “Plugging In and Going Digital” as we take a closer look at Computer Maintenance, Internet Tools, and Keeping Pace.

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