Prevent Fraud – Virtual Assistants & Bookkeepers Agree

Prevent Fraud – Virtual Assistants & Bookkeepers Agree

March 3, 2016 Blog Events 0

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Being a bookkeeper and virtual assistant is super awesome, and it gets really REALLY interesting when you start to see the blank expression on people’s faces when you ask them about their Fraud Prevention methods. Each year, the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association puts on a Fraud Prevention event to help bring about awareness to other business professionals:

  • Fraud does happen and unfortunately, more often than you’d like to believe
  • There are simple things that you can start with to help prevent fraud
  • Even good people are capable of making poor choices. Prevention methods help protect them and YOU.
  • Who to turn to when you think you’ve been a victim of fraud2016 Fraud Prevention

…and so many more topics that people tend to not think about when they are busy working to earn a living.

If you’re in the Medford area on March 9th, please stop by and take in our annual fraud prevention event. It’s completely free to attend! And I would love to see you there – let me know if you saw this on the blog. It’s always great to get the feedback.

Click on the flyer (left) to learn more, or visit
Fraud Prevention is so important to all of us here at AVA Virtual Assistance because we’re often assisting people on cloud-based platforms. Not only do we want you to “accomplish more with a team” we want you to feel secure in your effort. And at the end of the day, we VA’s also want to rest easy knowing our professional relationship with each client is likely to continue, long term. By working through secure platforms and in keeping up to date on fraud prevention techniques, we support your success, and your success is why we do what we do.

Please join us March 9th at the library.