The Scary Files and My Gal Christy

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We do a lot of work behind the scenes on websites for small businesses. Blogging, editing events, updating graphics and links, you name it!

My Gal Christy

What we don’t do, however, is spend time dealing with the (recently deemed) “scary files” (coding files). For that, we have a Christy! Yay!

My Gal Christy owns a fantastic small business called Design by Kiltz! Internet Solutions (otherwise known as DBK). When websites get hacked we call her name. When theme files go awry …”oh, Christy-eeeeee!” And when some weird thing happens with a plugin and the developer is ignoring our request for help… yep, you guessed it! We call on our guru and CTO, Christy. We LOVE her!

Hosting is one of the first and easiest ways to work with Christy and the Design by Kiltz! team. We encourage people to host their website with Design by Kiltz! because unlike some of the big brands you hear about, Christy and the DBK team take care of you right away. They care about you, and place a high priority on customer service.

If you are trying to get away from using the cookie-cutter templates, because your business needs a custom website that’s unique, it’s time to give DBK a call: 541-450-9732Screenshot of the DBK Website

Do you have a service provider who you just LOVE! Will you share your recommendation with us? Who do you feel like you just couldn’t live without them in your business?