Software that Keeps Monsters at Bay

Software that Keeps Monsters at Bay

October 13, 2020 Blog Just for Fun Technology 0

October is the month of Halloween, so we thought it would be fun to share about a few software tools we use and the monsters that make our software necessary. Enjoy!

Asana battles the Forgetfulness Monster

There is a monster in your room. It creeps along the walls and steals what you need. Its teeth are razor-sharp as they gnash through your defenses and memory, its claws grab hold of anything in its path, including the important, yet oh so fragile papers that hold all of the information that you need during the day. This monster’s name is Forgetfulness. It lives right behind you, ready to take anything it can get to at a moment’s notice. Yet, you can use weapons against it. One of these amazing tools is called Asana. 

This software gives the user the ability to create clear, concise tasks and subtasks for themselves, and anyone else in their group. Each task can be assigned to a specific individual, multiple people, or the whole group. Each task also gives you the choice of creating a due date, which can be extended if that needs to happen. This can help push back the monster that roams on the recesses of your office, allowing you to focus on the tasks, rather than fighting Forgetfulness with both fists raised. 

There are many different ways that you can use Asana as a helpful tool. You are able to change the layout depending on your specific need. It can be seen as a bullet point list, calendar, or it can be set up like an email page; as you click on the tasks, a window will open up, where there will be more information that you might need. 

You are also able to put notes inside the tasks and subtasks, allowing yourself, or your co-workers to have as much information that they might need to get the project done. 

 When the monster comes back with a vengeance, claws ready to tear thoughts apart and a mouth ready to fill a mind with mindless chatter, you can call your forces together with the help of Asana’s messaging system. This wonderful gem allows you and your team to message each other instantly, allowing you to ask questions right when you need them. You are also able to connect to any clients in a safe, easily accessible way. The only thing to take into consideration is time zones. 

LastPass Saves the Day 

A light misty cloud floats lightly over your head, which drifts to envelop you during the most inopportune times. It has no voice until it steals your words, either from your mouth or thoughts, it does not matter. Once it has the words, it hoards it, until it can find better words to find, steal, and use. This monster is called Brain Fog. 

This annoying, horrific monster enjoys one thing above all others; usernames and passwords. While usernames can be the same, passwords are usually 8 or more characters long, with varying letters, numbers, tentacles, and symbols…okay, maybe not ‘tentacles’. We are taught, with good reason, that no one password should be the same as any other password that you create and use. The good thing about that is it is harder for those with malicious intent to use your information. The bad thing is that it is very easy to forget what the password is for any site. With that forgetfulness, comes the monster. 

A wonderful weapon that can be used against this monster is LastPass. This software allows you to save all of your usernames and passwords in one area that can be accessed by entering in one Master username and Master password. It can be used for both your personal computer and work computer. Sometimes, in work settings, a client will need you to log into sites with their login credentials. Rather than sharing the secure information, the clients can share it through LastPass, which will keep the password confidential, allowing a more secure connection. 

LastPass takes away the annoyance of memorization and nervousness of the possibility of forgetting that important information and give you the security of having secured information in one place that is hidden by a Master password. You are also able to enter LastPass through its “Vault”, which will allow you to look at all of the sites that you have saved and launch a site from the Vault window. Enter in new passwords in the vault too, if for some reason a new password was not saved using the software’s extension. 

Remember, if you are having trouble getting work done due to Forgetfulness / Brain Fog, and it’s preventing you from earning a good living…well, that’s the same as a monster-bully stealing your lunch!

Looking for a little help to slay Forgetfulness & Brain Fog Monsters? We know Asana, LastPass, and task completion well! Contact Us.