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Nap Schedule for Work at home mom

Schedules: The WAHM’s Secret Weapon #2 for Sanity & Productivity

[starbox]Work at Home moms have a unique set of challenges. We've covered why and how to be a WAHM first, then last time we talked about the importance of being able to give 100% to both your work and your baby, in turn. Today we'll tackle my favorite method (and the only method I've found that's actually worked!) for being able to do that. As a stay-at-home mom, it can feel impossible to find a

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August 20, 2019 0

4 Awesome Productivity Journals

Here at AVA, we love the digital world! Our task management, communications and file storage is all online. While we do believe digital is the way to go, we recognize not everything has to be virtual. Goal-setting is a great example of something where paper might just be more motivating! While there are a multitude of apps to help you reach goals and become more productive, having a physical journal works better for a lot of

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October 15, 2017 0

6 Ways to Master Your Morning

Your morning sets the tone for your entire day. If your morning is rushed and harried, your day will follow suit. If it's planned out and smooth, your day will be as well. That's why I think having some sort of morning routine is so important! These are a few of my favorite ways to start the day. They're simple things you can do to prepare yourself for a healthy, productive workday. Be Grateful. I'll admit it's so

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May 10, 2017 0

Manage Your Inbox with Boomerang

[starbox]For most of us, our inboxes are one of the first things we let fall by the wayside when we’re too busy. Then before we know it we can’t even find what we need in the chaos, we’re falling behind in responding, and we’re stressing ourselves out! There are many useful tools and tips for managing your inbox, but I’d like to focus on one today that I’ve found extremely helpful: Boomerang for Gmail. What

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February 2, 2016 0

Hotkeys: the Best-Kept Secret for Saving Time

Hotkeys can be incredibly useful – but only if you know how to use them! A lot of people don’t, and are missing out on a great time-saver. And as you know, here at AVA we just love saving time! Here’s a quick rundown on hotkeys so you can start using them in a jiffy. First of all, what is a hotkey? Hotkeys are any key or combination of keys on your keyboard that you

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November 17, 2015 0