Tech Trends for 2017

Tech Trends for 2017

August 7, 2017 Blog 0

So, what are the latest technology movements?

As we all know, staying current with the latest tech trends these days is essential to any healthy business. The key is to read at least an article or two a week. Then, making the necessary plans to pave a path to the tech future ensures an easier transition indeed. Stay up to date and in the “circuit” of things by following these growing trends!

Live Streaming Services

Social media’s next step up will be Live (video) Streaming. In 2009 Livestream began implementing special pages to broadcast large events like concerts. The band Foo Fighters took advantage of this improved media and aired their internet-only live concert from their studio in L.A. With integrated chat features, fans were able to interact, make comments, and request favorite songs. This new and staying trend really took off just last year. So, if you have a Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, or Twitter account (or other source media) then you could be joining the growing numbers of live broadcasting businesses around the world.

Cashless Payments

Now that it’s 2017 and we’ve gotten our feet wet with online transactions like paying taxes, ordering on Amazon and Ebay, mobile phone payment scans, and using RFID bracelets to pay for events…more companies continue to approve electronic paymentsSoon, “cash will be a thing of the past!” Maybe you’ve heard that line before, but it’s good to remember to check in with the latest payment statistics as your company grows with modernized consumers.

Virtual Reality

What if you could see your co-worker remotely in 3D, and virtually hand them files? Well, the virtual world is not far off from that! According to observer, “Worker avatars could sit in a simulated office next to co-worker avatars, each before virtual screens showing their real work.” Facebook is a great example, as they work toward a type of VR which lets people virtually share the same space at the same time using already posted pics.

Identification Technology says “Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people’s physical and behavioral characteristics. It is usually used in physical security, relying on unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints, irises, faces, etc. to identify a person. Combining this technology with IoT devices could lead to a number of innovations from a security as well as convenience standpoint.” We are already seeing the beginnings of these major technological movements with using fingerprint sensors in our smartphones and homes. According to technologyreview and others, China’s facial recognition biometrics seems to be taking off at great speed as well. Over a million now in China are using the facial recognition app called Alipay to pay their bills online.

Businesses making sure to stand first in line for the newest tech features will not only have an easier transition into this inevitable and upcoming tech world but also enjoy profits at a faster rate. There will always be a level of risk when a business tries new software, but keep in mind, it’s just as possible the risk is even greater if one waits too long.



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