Terms of Service


Our right to refuse service to anyone includes existing clientele. The service note and disclaimer:

Please Note: this service is not intended for clientele with excessive workloads (where consideration of having an employee is most appropriate).

Disclaimer: Rates & Service may vary per contract. Refunds may be provided or denied at the sole discretion of AVA Virtual Assistance. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

is merely intended to prevent abuse of service or “scope creep” having to do with excessive growth or change to a written job description. The right to refuse service protects our firm, in case someone wants to abuse the privilege of having us on their team. The reason this verbiage works in our contract is because:

  • We want to work with our clients long-term and have some predictability in our own revenue streams (ie. we want you to WANT to work with us again next year)
  • We have skin in the game – because our professional reputation is on the line if we give you reasons to be unhappy with our performance.
  • It sets an expectation of Team Work. When you give your VA Team the ability to say “no”, respectfully, our entire team (your company included) is empowered by open communication, allowing us to discuss delegation of workloads openly, so we may proceed as a team to accomplish our goals going forward.

Something to Remember: As professionals, we would want to discuss any refusal of service because we realize that saying “no” might bring about some dissatisfaction. If this happens please review the bullet points above a second time… because, again, we want this to be a good fit long-term with only good reasons for our reputation preceding us.



Purchases made on behalf, and with approval, of the client are not covered under the service contract and shall be reimbursed to AVA Virtual Assistance.