The Motivation Crapshoot

The Motivation Crapshoot

April 15, 2017 Blog 0

If you’re trying new things to help with motivation, you’re in what I like to call a “motivation crapshoot”. No matter how you look at this, searching for motivation is effectively spiraling down the bin clawing at the walls of creativity, inspiration, good health and an abundance like mindset.

Who cares what your friends think! Get out that frickin’ coloring book and sing a song!

You don’t need to go searching for motivation, you just need to take a break! Do something that uses your own creativity. Without creativity, a person is likely to suffer feelings of disinterest. Creativity is at the root of making decisions for ourselves, rather than having decisions constantly being made for us. We need those moments of peaceful opportunity to express ourselves and encourage the little (or big) spark of that something greater on the inside. Whether you’re artistically creative or not makes no difference. Creativity inspires a level of ownership in a process that supports higher interest in the outcome and results.

One research journal by the Taylor & Francis Group included the article Intrinsic Motivation, Organizational Justice, and Creativity which stated, “Intrinsic motivation, a predictor of individual level creativity, is associated with feelings of enjoyment and interest in the task at hand.” This begs the question “what came first… the dinosaur or the egg?” We need fewer “chickens” in the argument for creativity. I’m a self-proclaimed creative, and I’m not thinking that my creativity comes from innate or “intrinsic” motivation, but rather the other way around. Do you remember the movie Gattaca? Yeah… let’s NOT filter our workforce in stupid ways. Motivation may not be found in a blood test, but you will find more motivation after taking a little break from the conveyor belt of routine – Ugh.

The crapshoot loves that you’re bored!

Get out! Literally. If you’re feeling uninspired and bored, you’ll do well to disrupt your own patterns by doing something different. Inspiration is a cornerstone in feeling motivated, and you can’t always get there on your own or by doing the same things you’ve been doing. Your boredom is making you feel uninspired. And now look atch’ya – deep in the motivational crapshoot. Start changing that, by removing yourself from the “routine”. Talk to new people, attend different events, and change your focus away from the media and material you would generally consume. You can also rally your best friends to do something out of the ordinary.

I have a friend who references Choose Your Own Adventure books when she speaks to audiences about bookkeeping. Choosing your own adventure is a great way to lose the boredom and become inspired again. Having that inspiration is going to act as an agent of joyful change in your life, and will work to increase your motivation.

Your new adventures could be as small as a breakfast choice, and as large as moving into a new house. Inspiration fuels motivation. And you won’t feel inspired if you’re bored, so go ahead and choose to have an adventure.

…right now is good.







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