The rarest kind of beautiful

The rarest kind of beautiful

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Some things in life make you look twice because you just can’t believe what you are seeing. Like an amazing landscape that seems right out of a picture book. Or, like the structure of an incredible building that just shouldn’t be possible, but it is! 

That’s nothing compared to my sister and colleague at AVA Virtual Assistance. Biased you say? ‘Chaaaa!’ And here’s why…

These days, business owners are cropping up more and more. It’s a heavily swaying field of innovators who are becoming aware more and more that a new level of freedom is available, (if they just reach out). But many are struggling not only to navigate the often complicated work-home life but the changing technological tides as well. Let’s just not even mention all the trends (and I’m not just talking clothes and social graces here) that are floating around, challenging us to play along or be forever damned in an oubliette, and forgotten. …A most unfavorable position for any biz owner.    

For those lucky enough to “spark minds” with one Audrey; AVA Virtual Assistant — founder of this now 8-year steam liner, vanguards realize pretty quickly that they haven’t just come upon a “dedicated worker” or “someone who’s really got spirit”… 


Ever hear of Henry Ford? Walt Disney? Thomas Edison? Steve Jobs? Fiddle-faddle! Okay.. I admit, these guys did some pretty amazing stuff. BUT — I guaranteeee, you won’t find anyone more heart-driven, enthusiastic, gifted, generous, fun, visionary or motivating about slicing out a well-deserved piece of success pie for you and your trade.  

Truth is, when you’re a friend of Audrey’s, she’s like that anyway – company or not! 

I can’t tell you how many of her responses were, after asking how her weekend was, went something like “It was great! I helped out so and so and did some work on the business.” ..Oh, don’t be fooled. This cat knows how to play, Lol! But, my sister also knows the importance of diligence and progressive thinking, not just for her team, but for the clients we serve. I don’t mind shooting myself in the foot here either, by saying officially, we don’t work the weekends. BUT I, however, have a seat closer to the wheelhouse so to speak and have on many occasions witnessed the wheels quietly moving, in the dead of night. Why does she do this? We work on a value-add system, that coincides perfectly with the 5 day work week. So, why does my sister, Audrey, steal away in the middle of the night to sometimes spin more beautiful webbing? 

Because she understands that people live complicated lives.

And, she isn’t immune to empathizing with the personal frustrations of others. 

Because the happiness of others is what gives her personal fulfillment.

She knows the steaks in life are high and wants to rise to the occasion.

And because she doesn’t just see excellence for herself and others as some airy ideal. She really means it.  

So, “Going the extra mile” works, but it isn’t the phrase I’d choose to describe my sister. Nah.. 

“My sister will cross a freakin’ ocean for you…then go to work the next day”!

Recently a few of our clients had outgrown AVA. It was a bitter-sweet moment when we realized we had completed our mission — to give them the time and support they needed to take another giant leap forward. For Audrey, it was particularly difficult because she had grown closer and closer to these talented impresarios with every consult (or even simple visit.) So, it didn’t surprise me when I heard her still checking in on our biz enthusiasts, even after AVA’s “release back into the wild”. I’ve heard it many times from her “please don’t hesitate to call me for anything, even if you just need a good friend to talk to”. And she means it too. It’s not hard to see that the success of those Audrey supports means the world to her. Because, the people she meets aren’t just entrepreneurs, they’re true miracles, with individualistic thoughts and feelings, living pieces to the brighter future we’re all so eager to experience. With such a visionary, it’s no wonder how my sister gets up at 5 am to ready herself for work and meetings, only to pledge her time afterward to things like toastmasters and world-class seminars (out of country at that!) just to bring the best, most helpful and useful information back to her team and associates.


…This is the same person who pulled all-nighters to help me with my math exams on double shifts, never tolerated the school bullies (mine or anyone else’s for that matter), put chains on the highschool bus she was riding at 16, on a treacherous road, up a mountain — which I might add, had plenty of able-bodied male counterparts, (not to mention adults) looking on as she reassured them all, it would be ok. Audrey single-handedly helped me move (twice, so I could be closer to family), commuted 2 hours every day to a pre-existing job for 6 years, while attending college full time, then successfully wrote a book for the AVA business during great shifts of company change with little to no time. Have you heard of The Entrepreneur 360™ List? Uhmmmm, yeeeah, we’re on it! That never would have happened if it weren’t for Audrey’s “gotta risk it to get the biscuit” attitude! …Did I mention she once broke an arrow with her throat? You might wanna read that one too! 

If this is a little braggadocio for you, hey, I really don’t mind! ‘Cause if you had a live-wire, dynamo-high-flyer, powerhouse-hot-shot-boss AAAAND fireball of a sister to-boot — you’d be bragging too!!!

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