Virtual Assistant Near Me

Virtual Assistant Near Me

March 15, 2021 Administration Blog Business Ownership 0

Did you really just search for a Virtual Assistant near you? LOL! You realize why that’s funny, right?

True, I’ve had many clients over the years express their desire to have some proximity to the team. Most of the time, the expression and conveyance for nearness comes from the deeper need to be better at task “hand-off” or work delegation techniques. Sometimes, you want to be nearer to your VA so you have someone to celebrate successes with.

Perhaps you are one who wants a Virtual Assistant close by, so you can have a ‘meeting in person’ or someone to ‘run errands’ etc. Those types of requests are not for a Virtual Assistant, but a Personal one. It’s a common mistake when seeking the help you need. Assistants create some of this confusion also when they perform duties outside their job description; Assistants are pleasers by nature. We just can’t help ourselves.

Virtual Assistant vs Personal Assistant

Determine if you are looking for a Virtual Assistant (as opposed to a Personal Assistant) by asking this question: Does the assistant need to come to my home/office, or even be in the same town as me to perform the jobs I’m asking them to do? If the answer is yes, then you are in the market to hire a personal assistant or secretarial type for your office, not a virtual one.

You knew that, of course, it’s just that you’ve been overloaded with tasks and haven’t been able to slow down for long enough to consider a more accurate job description so you can hire correctly the first time around. It’s also very possible that you may need more than one person. It’s okay to have a ‘boots on the ground’ type assistant, and one whom you may never meet in real life – just over zoom, to handle the back-office admin tasks.

Don’t get stuck! Hire someone.

If you can’t wrap your brain around who to hire right now, start small. Hire for the biggest pain point in your day, and then ask your new teammate to assist you in determining who you may need to hire next. At the very least, they may help you brainstorm and built-out a job description for the next assistant you bring on.

Repeat after me: I don’t have to have all the solutions, I just have to know someone who will help me find some.

Start somewhere, with someone. Doing so will begin to create the time in your day needed, to free up even more time later on. Got questions? Contact Us.

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