Working from Home with Children

Working from Home with Children

February 17, 2016 Blog 0

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Working from home is a completely different experience than working from an office. If you work from home and you have young children, getting your work done and having time with your family is a tricky balancing act! If you also work an off-site job, it becomes a tightrope act of the highest caliber! Deciding what you want to do, how many hours you can do it, and when enough is enough is a personal choice that you need to nail down before you start.
Many parents are looking for jobs that allow them to work from home while still being able to be with their children. These are some of the best jobs for people like yourself, that will help you with balancing work and family life.

  • Freelance writer and/or blogger
  • Ebay seller
  • Virtual administrative assistant
  • Internet search guide
  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer
  • Avon independent eRepresentative
  • Child care provider
  • At-home travel agent
  • Customer service representative

motherWorking from home with young children is completely possible, as long as you choose a career that is the right fit for your situation. For example, you may not want to be an inbound customer service representative working a 9 to 5 schedule if you have just had a new baby. Babies tend to cry more when they are younger, and they also require more constant observation and attention. These factors are not conducive to answering inbound customer service questions on a telephone.

Adopt the mindset that you won’t be able to work for seven-hour stretches, As a home-based single gal, I could work for hours at a time, happily engaged in what I was doing, having food delivered, leaving only to walk my dog. But if you have kids, that won’t happen. Working in shorter stretches of 15-45 minutes is a much better plan, and your children will be more likely to be able to handle that time frame occupying themselves.

If you have young children, think about the following factors when you consider which type of work from home employment is right for you.

  • Find a company that allows for a flexible work schedule.
  • How many hours a day you are able to work?
  • What time of day you are able to work?
  • Find a job that suits your level of distractions.

While you are working, your children can become bored and antsy. This behavior can be especially distracting while your children play in and around your home office. Try establishing an activity center or designated “play zone” that your children can access while you are working. Include some of their favorite toys, activity books, puzzles and their favorite DVD’s.
Teach your kids early on that “Mommy has to work for a little while,” and make your expectations known and clear. They may balk at this at first, but if you break your work up into manageable chunks, they will soon learn to allow you the time you need. Even at the office, you get breaks & a lunch time, so don’t forget to take those times to relax a little and hang with your kids for a while.

Even well into the 21st century, with all our gadgets, it can be easy forget that we can take our office work out of the home. I have worked at the beach, the park, and even McDonald’s while my son is off playing. I’ve gone on trips out of town and done my work in a quite room while my friend kept my son occupied for 15-30 minutes. Bribing your kids is also completely legal! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Just knowing something fun is coming after you do your day’s assignment is often incentive for their good behavior.

Whether you work from home all day, a little while after your office job, or on the weekends, at-home work can be rewarding and give you that “little bit extra” you might need while still allowing you time with the children. Don’t forget the best part of all! After the kids are in bed, you can do your assignments in your pajamas with your feet up! Working from home can be the best answer to the challenges of creating an income without paying all of it out in daycare. And a final added bonus: your kids learn a good work ethic from you!